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Who we are

Disciples of the Divine Master. We are consecrated women, we live in community and we are called to love and serve Jesus Christ, the only Master, present in the Eucharist in the Priesthood and in the Liturgy.

This is how  Fr. James Alberione has wanted us since 1924 in the unitary project of the Pauline Family and in the Church. Mother Scholastica Rivata, with the first sisters was the one who was able to embody the vocation of Disciple to follow the  Divine Master according to the intuition of the Founder.

The women of the Gospel who follow Jesus and courageously proclaim his resurrection are the icons of reference for our discipleship. Priests and those who collaborate with them find in our communities a fraternal welcome to refresh themselves from pastoral commitments and also to update themselves to a living liturgy in an atmosphere of prayer.

 The experience of the Risen Lord encountered in the liturgical celebration and contemplated in the Eucharistic mystery impels us to put at the service of the People of God and of those who seek the truth, the riches of the Word of God and of the Liturgy.

We value art and craftsmanship and diffuse products that transmit beauty, catechesis and spirituality.

 We also promote formation and liturgical animation activities through consultation and publication on Liturgy and sacred arts so that every liturgical action may be  understood, prepared and lived in truth and beauty.


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