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They are supports, more or less decorated which are used to hold candles (made of wax and not plastic) during liturgical celebrations. The candlesticks, like the Cross, are placed on the Altar. The candles of larger size, are put in a stand and  placed at the sides of the table, on the floor, on special shelves or on the balustrades themselves. With regard to the candlesticks, GIRM no. 307 prescribes: “The candles, which are required at every liturgical service out of reverence and on account of the festiveness of the celebration (cf. no. 117), are to be appropriately placed either on or around the altar in a way suited to the design of the altar and the sanctuary so that the whole may be well balanced and not interfere with the faithful’s clear view of what takes place at the altar or what is placed on it.”

Floor candlesticks

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B07 07 - Candlesticks 2 flames

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B07 08 - Candlesticks 3 flames

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B07 22D - Candlesticks 4 flames

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